Our view: Reject the six amendments

Our view: Reject the six amendments

From The Winston-Salem Journal

In another twist to the soap opera that we call the state legislature, Republican leaders have revamped two of the six constitutional amendments they’re forcing onto the November ballot, thus negating the legal issues that arose with their previous versions.

The changes are only cosmetic, though. The new versions would still be damaging to our state. Gov. Roy Cooper is still trying to block them, and his challenge should prevail.

“Both amendments, if approved by voters in November, would take the power to appoint members of the state elections and ethics board from the executive and give it to the legislature,” The Associated Press reported. “One also would swing power held by the governor to fill judicial vacancies to the legislature.”

The legislature has had a habit of trying to siphon power from the governor’s office ever since a Democrat won it in 2016. Five former governors, Republicans and Democrats, along with six former chief justices, denounced the two amendments in their previous versions. The intent of the amendments hasn’t changed.

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