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I pledge to vote against the deceptive constitutional amendments on the 2018 November ballot.

    What are these amendments?

    This November, North Carolina voters will see six constitutional amendments at the bottom of their ballots. These amendments were written by the state legislature, but the descriptions voters will see on the ballot do not accurately describe what the amendments will do.

    Politicians wrote these amendments to be intentionally vague, and to give themselves a blank check to fill in the details later. Click here to read more about the six amendments.

    Why should I vote against the amendments?

    State lawmakers put misleading constitutional amendments on the ballot, but don’t be fooled. All of the amendments are unnecessary, and the worst will:

    • Inject partisan politics into our courts—which should remain independent and impartial.
    • Block investigations into corrupt politicians.
    • Permanently shift the tax burden from the wealthy to middle-class families.
    • Give state legislators a blank check to rewrite our constitutional system of checks and balances.

    Where are the details?

    In addition to misleading ballot language, the legislature has not provided any details on how the amendments will be implemented. Instead, they are counting on the voters to give them a blank check to fill in the details later. Our state legislature has already proven it cannot be trusted with that power.

    Republicans and democrats agree.

    Both Republicans and Democrats, including all living former Governors and Chief Justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court, oppose the two amendments that give the legislature appointment power over the judiciary and ethics board.

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